About Pellinge

Pellinge is a group of about 200 islands in Borgå archipelago in Östra Nyland, on the north side of the Gulf of Finland. Geographically, Pellinge lies only 50 km east of Helsinki and 22 km south-east of downtown Borgå. The group of islands is reached by cable ferry, which regularly runs from Tirmo over Sunisund to Sundö according to the timetable. Thereafter four bridges connect the different islands: Sundö, Tullandet, Lill-Pellinge, Stor-Pellinge and Ölandet. The road connections over Pellinge were completed in 1983.

Year-round Pellinge is populated by nearly 300 inhabitants, but Pellinge is a popular summer destination and the settlement multiplies during the summer months. The first summer guests were already here in the 1880s, and the first summer houses were built during the final years of the 1800s. The permanent settlement in Pellinge goes back to the 1500s. The majority of Pellinge inhabitants are native Swedish speakers, which means that a part of them do not speak Finnish whatsoever.

Pellinge is an active archipelago and village community with services all year round. Here you will find a family group nursery and private community youth center on former Pellinge school’s premises, shop with post office and medicine cabinet, educational institute and St. Olof’s chapel with graveyard. The guest harbor on Sandholmsudden offers a café/restaurant and fuel pump during the summer months, and, more than just the summer market, Easter, fall and Christmas markets are also organized. Tove Jansson’s cottage on Klovharun lies outermost in the archipelago, outside of Pellinge.

In Pellinge, the people traditionally have supported themselves by fishing, farming and boat building, which is seen even today. Many have also supported themselves as sea pilots, since there used to be a pilot station up until 1965. Today, the island dwellers support themselves as boat builders, mechanics, farmers, fishermen, merchants, guides, builders, chauffeurs, craftsmen, woodcutters, cooks, shipbuilders, gardeners and artists, many of them full-time all year round. Tourism is a growing industry in Pellinge, just as in the rest of Finland.

The people of Pellinge are also very active in the community. Two youth associations, two Martha clubs, two hunting associations, voluntary fire brigade, local history society, village council, fisher’s guild, market stall keepers and axe throwers have registered their businesses. Borgå Citizen Institute and Borgå city’s sports services also organizes courses and clubs on the islands. There are also many recreational areas available to visitors and locals in Pellinge.

Pellinge archipelago bursts with energy and has a community beyond the limits. During the summer months, over 120 events are organized round about on the islands. Summer market, midsummer festival, children’s day, agricultural flea market, Klovharun’s visiting week, village day, boat competitions and ancient fire dance. The first whole weekend in July we celebrate Pellinge days.

There is something for everyone - come to Pellinge and let’s enjoy it together!