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Pellinge Meny

Pellinge Meny gather producers and products of the archipelago of Pellinki into a lovely culinary adventure. We create and prepare menus according to local raw materials, during all for seasons with archipelago culture in mind. You may enjoy our menu … Läs mer

Pellinge Musikdagar 3-6.8.2023 logobild.
Pellinge Music Festival 3.-6.8.2023

CONCERT PROGRAM 2023 3.−6.8.2023 TICKET SALES BEGIN 15.5.2023 –––––––––––––––––– CONCERT 1 ”Where the jazz is hot” Thursday 3.8.2023 Skärgårdshemmet at 4 pm Evergreens, older and newer jazz. Bianca Morales, vocals Fred Ahlberg, guitar Tickets á 30€. Free for children under … Läs mer

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