Pellinge Musikdagar - Pellingin Musiikkipäivät 2022
Pellinge Festival 4.−7.8.2022

CONCERT 1 ”As Glimmering Was Never The Sea” Thursday Aug 4, 2022 Skärgårdshemmet 4 pm. Emma and Jarmo perform songs and ballads from different corners of the world. Emma Salokoski, vocals Jarmo Saari, guitar Tickets: á 30€. Free to children … Läs mer

Pellinge Musikdagar
Pellinge Music Festival

Pellinge, the jewel island in Porvoo archipelago, has a festival of its very own, Pellinge Music Festival. The festival was founded in 2016 and takes place every year at the beginning of August. Programs vary from year to year, and … Läs mer

Archipelago Christmas 2021

ARCHIPELAGO CHRISTMAS at five places in the archipelago of Porvoo Sunday Dec 19nd 2021 from 11am – 3pm, welcome! CHRISTMAS MARKETS Skärgårdshemmet, Nyckelviksvägen 5, Pellinge Pellinge torg, Sandholmsvägen 162, Pellinge Local Christmas delicacies and fish of excellent quality, decorations and … Läs mer

Pellinge skärgårdsjul 2020
Archipelago Christmas 2020

ARCHIPELAGO CHRISTMAS at four places in the archipelago of Porvoo Sunday Dec 20nd 2020 from 11am – 4pm, welcome! CHRISTMAS MARKETS Christmas Market on Skärgårdshemmet and Pellinki Marketplace are INHIBITED! Distribution of orders at Pellinki marketplace, Santasaarentie 162, 11am-2pm Local … Läs mer

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