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Sandholmsvägen 163, 07370 Pellinge
Chart series A, chart 619/620, Sandholmsudden 232
60°14,5’N 25°52,2’E

Sandholmsudden North on Stor-Pellinge is reached both by land and sea. Guest harbor with overlook and grill site, parking, Benita’s Café, fuel pump, sauna, laundromat, boat ramp and miniature golf. Summer market on Saturdays from 9-12 from the end of May to mid-September, as well as on Wednesdays in July from 17-19.

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Chart series A, chart 620/621/622, Äggskär 235
60°12,41’N 25°45,24’E

In the outer archipelago, west of Pellinge. Expedition harbor with cookhouse, outhouse and fishing possibilities. Pier moorings and buoys at main islands Mellerstholmen, Långholmen and Söderholmen. in Finnish »



Chart series A, chart 618/620, Stora Brokholmen 220
60°13,6’N 25°59,9’E

Expedition harbor in Pellinge, east archipelago, consists of three islands, of which the largest, Stora Brokholmen, both in matter of size and nature, is appropriate for recreational use. Here you will find a cooking site, outhouse and well. Outside of the old sand-loading pier the water depth is over 17 meters. Pier mooring and buoy.

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Chart series A, chart 618/620, Bredholm 221
60°13,7’N 26°00,8’ E

Bredholmen’s beaches are rocky and the expedition harbor has a cooking site and outhouse. On the island’s south side there is a sheltered straight where the water depth is about two meters directly up to the shoreline. Look out for underwater rocks all the same. An underwater cable runs in the straight and it is therefore forbidden to weigh anchor, but buoys and rings for mooring are provided.

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Norra Sandö

Chart series A, chart 618/620, Norra Sandön 223
60°13,0’N 26°00,3’E

The association owns the northern part of Sandö, as well as Sandökobben in Pellinge eastern archipelago. The island’s most beautiful sand beach belongs to the association, which lies in an open bay towards the east. Farther out in the bay, the water depth increases rapidly. There are two cooking sites and two outhouses in the area. Klippudden, on the island’s western side, makes for the best landing site. There are mooring rings and buoys on the headland’s northern shore. There are reefs in the water around the island, and therefore charts are necessary when visiting the expedition harbor.

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Bockhamn – Lovisa

Chart series A, chart 618/619, Bockhamn 217
60°16,0’N 26°00,2’E

Bockhamn’s expedition harbor lies on Byön outside of Sarvsalö in Lovisa. A marked waterway flows south of Bockhamn. The narrow straight to the inner bay has a depth of about 2.5-3 meters. The bay itself is shallow. The middle is 2-3 meters deep and the bottom is muddy and soft. Pier mooring, ring and buoy on the bay’s western and eastern shores, where there are cooking sites and outhouses. On the headland, west of the approach into the bay, lies a private housing zone with recreational buildings.

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Sturjon – Söderby

Chart series A, chart 620, Söderby 233
60° 12,29’N 25°51,47’E

Söderbyvägen 384, 07390 Stor-Pellinge

Guest pier and parking lot in walking distance to the shop Söderby-Boden. Natural boat ramp for launching of small boats. »

Sunisund – Tirmo

Chart series A, chart 620, Sunisund 229

60°14,46’N 25°53,54’E

Tirmovägen 611, 07360 Tirmo
At Tirmo archipelago center’s guest harbor you have access to universal services, among other things, restaurants, shops and waste disposal. Boat ramp for launching of small boats. Dance with live music at the end of the week during the season. Beam mooring, buoy or side mooring.

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